Start 2021 in prayer.

Join the Alliance family as we bring our hearts and hands together for a 40 Days of Prayer focus that will begin January 3, 2021. It is not enough to hear about prayer, read about prayer, or even learn about it.  During these 40 days at the beginning of 2021, we need to engage in prayer - to perhaps do so with a frequency, fervency, and focus that is not normal for us.  Lord, teach us to pray.

Every week will we will kick of the theme with our sermon on Sunday.  The rest of the week you will have a daily prayer guide that follows the theme for the week.  

Here is what to expect:

Week 1: The Holiness of God

Week 2 : Repentance - Turning from our Unholiness

Week 3 : Spirit Fullness

Week 4 : Evangelism

Week 5: Marginalized People

Week 6: Alliance Missions

Click below for the weekly devotionals:

Week 1 - Starting on January 3rd

Week 2 - Starting on January 10th

Week 3 - Starting on January 17th

Week 4 - Starting on January 24th

Week 5 - Starting on January 31st

Week 6 - Starting on February 7th

Full Packet (Weeks 1 - 6) - Click Here