We want to walk with other broken people to experience deeper life in Christ. One of the strategies in the pursuit of this aim is Outward Mission.

We work together to create provision for the funding of our Outward Mission. Our Outward Mission partners are working both locally and internationally. We provide for them through two funds; First and foremost, the Great Commission Fund and secondly, the Salt & Light Fund.

Our two 2018 faith goals to fund our Outward Mission partners are: First $135,000 for the Great Commission Fund and second, $25,000 for the Salt & Light Fund. These funds enable us to effectively partner with many ministries that impact the lives of numerous people within our community and around the globe.

We have groups that spend time in prayer for our Outward Mission partners. This happens through the Great Commission Women's group, Wednesday Morning Prayer, the Strategic Prayer Team, several of our Life Groups, and many individuals.

We celebrate during our Outward Mission Weekends in early October and late January by hearing speakings from around the world tell us the story of what God is doing through our investment in the lives of people. In addition, these events help us to maintain awareness of the needs in the ministries of our partners.

Grove City Alliance GO Teams make up a significant part of our participation in Outward Mission. In 2018, we anticipate the impact of over 100 persons from our congregation being part of GO Teams in Cleveland, France and Gabon.

We attempt to provide a service to our community with our annual Pet Wellness Clinic which at the same time provides funds for some of our GO Teams to serve other people.


Our many Outward Mission Partners include the following: