Get connected

Getting connected in a new church is always a challenge. We encourage you to consider visiting or joining a focus group or a life group where you can begin to connect. Finding the right life group for you will make a big church seem small. If you would like some help in sorting through the possibilities, please contact the pastor of adult ministries, or one of the life or focus group leaders.

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what is a life group?

Adults were created by God for relationships with God, each other and in the context of serving others. Life groups provide a context in which to pursue relationships with each other. They are what makes a large church small. A life group is a small group/community averaging 8-12 people, made up of Christ-followers or those who are considering following Christ. A life group is in the pursuit of experiencing God’s transforming work individually and corporately to that extent that character growth and community impact is evident. In short, they are seeking to see Christ formed in them, which will change their world. See the Life Groups tab for current groups.

what is a focus group

Focus groups provide a context in which to pursue the essentials of the faith and begin relationships with each other. A focus group is usually a short-term group that is focused on building a solid foundation in the mind and life of the follower of Christ in essential areas. These groups are also a place to connect and get to know others in the congregation. The focus is usually around a Bible, doctrinal, or book study. These groups can also focus on such areas as marriage, finances, or parenting. We have three types of focus groups: The Essentials, S.E.A.N., and The Electives.


           ESSENTIALS: These focus groups represent those foundational areas we want everyone in the congregation to have experienced no matter how young or old they might be in their walk with the Lord.


           S.E.A.N. (Study by Extension for All Nations) These focus groups study books that develop the believer in Bible knowledge, serving, and support of one another. The six-book series called “The Life of Christ” is our most popular set. Many leave these courses with the satisfaction of having gotten a solid handle on the gospels and of having created deep relationships with others in the group.

          ELECTIVES: These focus groups may be about a book of the Bible, Christian books, life issues or concerns, apologetics, and various   topics. They are offered as a place to grow and connect.

See the Focus Groups tab for current opportunities.