restoring the wounded

project restore

The body of Christ has always ministered to those who are suffering. Western PA is now #9 in the nation for human trafficking. We do not want to react in fear to this, but rather we have been asking the Lord how we might act as a church community in this tragic reality. The Alliance family of churches is doing the same across the globe.


As a congregation we have focused on walking with other broken people to experience deeper life in Christ. We have an opportunity to help bring healing to those precious lives that have been trafficked and have escaped this horrific reality in Mercer county.


In Greenville, “Project Restore” has opened two homes for trafficked girls to restore their lives. They are licensed under the well-known Baer Foundation. The second home is just beginning and has been given the name of “Lyndsey’s Place”. They operate by faith.  We would like to join hands with them as a congregation to help in the restoration of lives that have been scarred and the babies that have resulted.


Our Thanksgiving Offering will go directly towards this ministry.  We have set a goal to give $10,000.  


Would you ask God to show you areas of your discretionary spending where you could “fast“ and direct those funds to be part of getting the home called “Lyndsey’s Place” ready? By doing this, you will be making a difference in the lives of moms and children who are in need of healing and restoration.


Find out more about Lyndsey’s Place and Project Restore at