Ministry Support Staff

  • Alice Wiley

    Children's Assistant


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  • Missy Crombie

    Worship Assistant


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  • Adrienne orris

    Emerging adult CCO Staff


    Adrienne Orris serves as

    full time staff in a creative partnership with cco. 

    her passion is encouraging this generation to seek out a personal relationship with jesus and equipping them to lead others to christ. 

    Will Crosby is

    serving this year as a cco fellow during his discerning year of ministry. 

    these positions are support raising positions. if you would like to know more about the ministry or how you can support us, reach out below:


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Support Staff

Ashlee Traister
Administrative Assistant: Adult Ministries

Tricia Flock
Administrative Assistant: Student Ministries

Jen Peters
Administrative Assistant: Family Life Ministries

Jill Goodman & Montene Burdette

Leanna Zoeller
Financial Assistant