Where are we going?

Our dream is to be a multi-generational church family who are:

  • Becoming real and authentic... we value honesty.
  • Opening up about our brokenness... we go beyond saying "I am fine."
  • Being set free by the power of Christ... we are no longer bound by chains.
  • Transforming by God's grace... we embrace change.
  • Cultivating a deeper life in Christ... we are answering the call to abide.

Our Mission

What are we doing?

Walking with other broken people to experience deeper life in Christ.


Our mission is a guiding compass that helps us express a direction and points everyone in that direction. It's a golden thread that weaves through every activity of our church. Simply put, it is "the great commission communicated in a culturally relevant way."

Our Values

Why are we doing it?

  • Encountering God
  • Applying Truth
  • Loving Community
  • Equipping Generations
  • Reaching Lost
  • Transforming Discipleship


Values are a set of unchanging beliefs or principles that guide and direct the decisions within our church. They are springboards for daily action and filters for decision-making. Values represent the conscience of Grove City Alliance Church. They shape our culture and ethos.

Our Strategy

How are we doing it?

Deeper Life in Christ develops in:

UPWARD worship

ONWARD together

OUTWARD mission

INWARD journey


Our strategy is a process by which we accomplish our mission. Think of it as a flashlight that helps people see their way and get involved. It connects specific action steps to the mission and vision of Grove City Alliance Church.

Our Measures

When are we successful?

Attributes in the life of an individual that reflect mission accomplishment.

  • How am I reflecting Christ?
  • How am I yielding to the Spirit?
  • What am I going to do with that?
  • Who is more important than me?
  • Who is beside me as we grow?
  • What am I holding back?


Our measures are attributes or characteristics of an individual's life that reflect accomplishment of our mission. They provide the standard by which our mission can be measure with respect to an individual's spiritual growth through the ministry of Grove City Alliance Church.