At Christmas, everything changed.


With Gabriel’s appearance and announcement, Mary went from engaged to the mother of our Savior.

With the announcement of the angels, the shepherds went from sheep tenders to Lamb worshipers.

With a special star in the sky, the Magi went from star gazing to King-seeking.


The birth of Jesus Christ changed everything.  It transformed those closest to the event and the birth of Jesus continues to change everyone who encounters Him today.


Just like the birth of our Savior transformed the lives of those at the manger, this event also can transform and change us forever. Have you been changed?

christmas eve candlelight services

sunday, december 24


9:30AM  //  11:00AM  //  4:30PM  //  6:00PM


11:00 AM

  • What to expect

    Christmas Eve services will be a one-hour service filled with heartwarming moments of encouragement, familiar carols you can sing along to, times designed specifically for children, and, of course, the story of the birth of Jesus.

    Pick a service to attend and come dressed in whatever you’re comfortable wearing. Some people dress in their favorite holiday style, some dress formally, some more casually. The most important thing is that you are welcome here, regardless of what you choose to wear.


    Each service is family-friendly and we encourage you to bring your kids and enjoy the service together! Children through age 5 can be dropped off at the nursery which will be fully staffed with trained volunteers and staff.

  • Sanctuary Venue

    We will have our Sanctuary Venue open for our Christmas Eve services. Doors will open twenty minutes prior to each service.

  • Livestream

    Can’t make it on-site? The 11:00 a.m. Christmas Eve service will be live-streamed online and available afterward for on-demand viewing. Consider planning the entire evening with the service in mind. Plan a meal to enjoy before or after this service. Dress up like you would if you were able to come on-site. Don’t forget to take that picture!

    Think about who you can invite to participate with you. Consider inviting some close friends or family, and don’t forget to have a candle ready for the candlelight portion of the service.

  • Photo Booth

    We will have an opportunity to capture a family photograph before or after the service in the lobby.