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April 1, 2021 | 6:00PM - 8:00PM

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    You can partake in the livestreamed Passover Seder dinner at home with the Grove City Alliance Church family. The meal ordained by God in the Old Testament was a remembrance of God's deliverance of Israel from Egypt. This remembrance also points to Jesus, the Lamb of God, in the New Testament. Jesus celebrated this meal, rich with meaning and significance, with his disciples on the night He was betrayed and arrested. It was at this Passover meal that Jesus introduced the Eucharist. This celebration will lead us to greater appreciation of God's redemptive plan for Israel and whosoever will believe on the Risen Messiah. Bill Katz will lead us through each Seder element and its meaning and the time for the meal through this event via Livestream. Gather your family at the table and Bill will join you via your television, laptop, or tablet.


    Register to participate and receive all the traditional Seder Meal components, instructions on how to set your table, and recipes to try for your dinner that evening. Young or old, there's something for your whole family as you reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus together. Activity packets are available for children - indicate the number of children that will be participating at registration. The Basic Kit serves four participants. Order an Add On Kit for additional servings (5-8 participants) if your party is larger.

    Register and order your kit today by clicking HERE.

    Registration will open Sunday, March 7.

    Registration will close on Wednesday, March 24.


    Ceremonial Food & Table Layout Instructions

    Seder Ceremony Information Sheet

    Seder Meal Recipe and Tips


    The Passover Seder Dinner will be livestreamed

    on Thursday, April 1st starting at 6:00 PM. 

    You will be able to watch the livestream below: