kids Ministry

Our goal is to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ; teaching them to know God intimately, 

love Him passionately and to serve Him faithfully.  We desire to build bridges to families and equip them.  

In the process, we are committed to enlist, equip and encourage others to do the same.

Kids Ministry COvid-19 Guidelines

As we move inside for services and our Kid's Ministry starts back up, there is a lot of important information to share with you about procedures we will follow. These include our Covid guidelines, traffic flow procedures, the process for drop off and pick up, touchless kiosk check-in, as well as how to register and RSVP for your child's class. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with everything happening so we have a smooth transition inside.


All of the procedures we will be following in order to implement safety, practice social distancing, and following the mask mandate can be found in this document. CLICK HERE to see all of the precautions we are taking.


We will have four separate spaces for kids from birth through 5th grade during the 9:30 and 11:00 service times, as well as our Nursing Mom's room.

Ages 0-2: Nursery

Ages 3-5: Children's Worship Center

Grades K-3: Student Ministries Facility

Grade 4-5: Creme Cafe & Espresso Classrooms


We will have specific guidelines for dropping off and picking up your child in order to prevent congestion in the hallways. We ask that only one parent drop off their child to the classroom. For the kids going to the Student Ministries Facility, please drop them at the top of the stairs and allow them to walk down. We will have a volunteer at the top of the steps making sure they get downstairs. For pickup, we have set up a traffic flow pattern and are asking for everyone to follow the directional guides on the floor to ensure hallways stay clear. As always you will need your security sticker for us to release your child. For kids in the Student Ministries Facility, we will have a volunteer at the top of the stairs who will radio down and have your child sent up when you arrive.


You will need to have a 2020-2021 SafeCheck registration form on file with us in order to check your kids into any Kid's Ministry classes. CLICK HERE to register online. We prefer that parents do not wait and try and fill it out on site as this will cause congestion at the Kid's Ministry Welcome Center.


Our check-in kiosks will be converted to touchless check-in. Using the Church Center App you will be able to check your child in on your smartphone. Then you will scan the barcode at the iPad and it will issue your security stickers. If you prefer not to use touchless check-in, you will need to stop by the Kid's Ministry Welcome Center and the host there will check you in manually. Here are links to videos showing you how to get the Church Center App set up as well as one showing you what it will look like on a Sunday morning. CLICK HERE for the video on setting up the Church Center App. Learn how to use our touchless kiosk in the short video below:

Sunday Morning

First Time Guests:

Is it your first time at GCAC?  Our children’s ministry wants to make it as easy as possible for you to check your child into their classroom.  Please stop by the Welcome Center, located in the Lobby, and our friendly greeting staff will help you fill out the necessary registration forms for your child.  After that, they will give you a security tag and will walk you to the classroom and answer any questions that you might have.  You can fill out the registration forms ahead of time, however we still ask first time visitors to stop at the Welcome Center when they arrive.  Below is information on Nursery care, as well as all of the classes offered on Sunday mornings.

rightarrow2020-2021 SafeCheck Registration Formleftarrow    

Special Connections Buddy Program

The Special Connections buddy program is for children who need a little extra help in the classroom during Sunday morning ministries or in our AWANA program on Wednesdays.  We recruit “buddies” to come alongside of kids with hidden or visible special needs to give them an extra hand in the classroom.  If you have a child with special needs that you feel could benefit from the program or know of a family that might be interested, please let us know.  


This year we launched an Awana-at-Home program since we couldn't be together in person, as well as a monthly newsletter with additional resources.