It takes many hands to make and care for a community and its resources. If you consider yourself a part of this community, your blessing of lending a hand is welcomed and encouraged. Serving helps create and grow our community where we walk with each other into a deeper life in Christ. There are many ways to care for and make a difference in our community. Below are some of those ways. Talk with us about ways that interest you to see what might work for you to be another hand in creating community.

Service Teams


The C.O.R.E. Team enables us to provide our C.O.R.E. (Casual, Open, Relaxed Environment) Worship Venue during two of our worship times on Sundays. This requires both a set-up team to transform our Gym into the Worship Venue as well as a take-down team. The set-up and take-down does not require a particular skill set. You can be a vital part of the ministry by serving in our C.O.R.E. Venue.

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Our building and facilities are heavily used. Because of this, we have many projects to accomplish. If you enjoy hands-on helping in building and grounds-related areas, then this team is for you! Limited time or skills are not an issue.

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Our campus has 25 acres that need maintained in different ways. This involves grass care, taking care of the Softball Field, landscaping, flowers, and other special projects.

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We all appreciate a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Do you care about people and want to serve on a team to make our community a place that is friendly, helpful, and welcoming? You can enhance the atmosphere of our fellowship through greeting, meeting, ushering, and welcoming.

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The Main Office team is a great place to help on a regular basis in our very busy Main Office that facilitates staff, ministries, communication, volunteers, and much more. If this is a setting that you would enjoy, check to see how you can contribute. There are a wide range of projects, reception tasks and more that can be done. Our office staff will work to accommodate team members' schedules, skill, and interests.

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The Special Events team is ideal for those members whose schedule may not permit weekly participation, but allow you to help with an occasional special event. Special events are an exciting part of the many ministries in our congregation. A large team can set up even the biggest events in a short amount of time. Some examples of special events are Summer Splash and the Pet Wellness Clinic.

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Our task is to lead people to His throne in worship every week. Together we read Scripture, pray, and make joyful music unto the Lord. We meet on Monday evenings at 6:30 pm throughout the year. 

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